So I started this blog when I was abroad working in Central Eastern Europe.  It first started for my family to know what I was doing and experiencing, since I was traveling so much I was struggling to keep in touch.  Accidentally, it turned into a place to help my teams get to know each other better and what I take away from each country visit and built a following of people around the world who wanted to learn more about these countries.  In the meantime, I moved back to the USA and started a new role that got me traveling even more.  As you can see I truly have fallen behind in my blog and have a catch up to do…

Now I feel my blog is going to take on a new form.  I want it to inspire people to change the world.  That each person can lead their tribe with their passion.  I will share stories of my travels, what I am learning in my new role in Education working with Government Leaders and the amazing people I am meeting on the way.  Their story, their work and how they are changing the world.  I hope it inspires you to join, do what you are passionate or to spread the story.

I do apologize the format is a little wonky as I moved from LIVE SPACE to WORD PRESS and don’t have time to go back and fix my previous format.  I will focus on my new stories, pictures and layout, but I hope you find the old stories and pictures interesting.  Thanks!



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